NHL 2K Hockey for the Sega Dreamcast *Authentic * Like New

NHL 2K Hockey for the Sega Dreamcast *Authentic * Like New

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NHL 2K is an ice hockey game for the Sega Dreamcast featuring 1,000 motion-captured animations and each player is comprised of 1,400 polygons. This was an officially-licensed game by the NHL and NHLPA. Reviewers at the time of its release praised the graphics, gameplay, and compared it favorably to EA's hockey titles.

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"LIKE NEW" - This copy comes in a new, OEM jewel case with original inserts and manual. The inserts and manual are like new, approaching mint. The game disc is the original and has a few, minor scratches. We classify it as "like new" nearing "mint".

We tested this game on an OEM NTSC-U (North American) Sega Dreamcast. The game successfully booted and played a complete game without issue, skipping, or issues.

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